Renewable Energies Knowledge - Transfer Network
About REnKnow.Net

Unique, thanks to Quality!

REnKnow.Net is a web-based knowledge transfer network dedicated to renewable energy sources and decentralized energy technologies. REnKnow.Net’s technical facilities are based on a high-performance web- and database server architecture. Object storage and retrieval procedures enable the management of a wide range of object types such as data, documents, software tools and multimedia. Sophisticated search functions provide a full-text search and user specific search profiles.

REnKnow.Net serves EDUCATION (educational material, lecture scripts), RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (peer-reviewed material, measurement and simulation data, a new Open Source Knowledge Composition tool), INDUSTRY (provision of up-to-date R&D results), and supports international DISSEMINATION of knowledge (publicly available high-quality material). REnKnow.Net is a unique initiative, because the quality of all available objects is continuously assured by a peer-review process carried out by internationally recognized experts.

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  • reviewed scientific materials stored and organized centrally on a highly reliable and high performance web server
  • fast and easy access and exchange of scientific information
  • sophisticated search mechanisms provide exact results
  • accessible to all users
  • up-to-date documents, materials, publications

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Object Attributes

REnKnow.Net objects are characterized by three essential attributes:

  • REnKnow.Net objects belong to the R&D area ’renewable energy sources and decentralized energy technologies’.
  • REnKnow.Net objects are publishable. They fulfill all necessary legal and scientific (peer-review process) criteria.
  • REnKnow.Net objects are self-explanatory. Meta information files describe the objects in such a way that misinterpretation or ambiguities cannot occur.

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Technology Areas

Peer review process includes analyses and assessments in the following areas:

Current peer review stage:

  • Wind power.

Future peer review stages:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Bioenergy
  • Hybrid systems
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Ocean energy.

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Cross-Disciplinary Areas

The REnKnow.Net Peer Review Committees have been established for assessing work submitted in the following cross-disciplinary areas:

  • Technology development of systems and components (electrics)
  • Technology development of systems and components (mechanics)
  • Economics
  • Grid integration
  • Socio Economics, Policy and regulatory issues
  • Resource assessment and environmental issues.

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Basic Research

RenKnow.Net supports the construction of networks for organizing research about renewable energies. Its basic approach is:

  • to extend and/or refine the possible uses of renewable energies
  • to develop new scientific methods or apply existing ones to new areas of science
  • to exchange information between scientists at all levels.

Of particular importance are also projects and networks in the area of basic research.

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REnKnow.Net Community

The REnKnow.Net Community

  • arranges regular meetings with subject specific presentations and awards
  • guarantees the constant supervision of the peer review process and review criteria
  • integrates new members and sponsors.

Supporting organizations:

  • European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE)
  • IEA
  • Ost-West-Wissenstransfer University of Kassel
  • Sino-German Technical Cooperation - Wind Power Research & Training Project
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Industry.

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